LET Exam Reviewer

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With Practice Examinations at the last part.

Main Contents:

  • English
    • Parts of Speech
    • Correct English Usage
    • Basic Rules in Agreement and Grammar
    • The Use of Figurative Language
    • Literature
  • Filipino
    • Bahagi ng Pananalita
    • Panitikan
  • Mathematics
    • Developing Problem Solving Skills
    • Tips and Strategies in Solving Mathematical Problems
    • Mathematical Review
    • Fundamental Operations
    • Order of Operations
    • Exponents and Powers
    • Fractions
    • Decimals
    • Integers
    • The Number Line
    • Place Geometry
    • Algebra
  • Natural Science
    • Definition of Science
    • Steps to Scientific Method
    • Biology
    • Cell Theory
    • Ecology
    • Important Terms in Ecology
    • Soil Problems
    • Water Problems
    • Forces that Shape the Earth’s Crust
    • Earthquake
    • Weather and Climate
    • Severe Weather Bulletin
    • Meaning and Description of the Modified Public Storm Signals
    • The New Public Weather Forecast
    • Eclipse
    • Tides
    • The Solar System
  • Social Science
    • Philippine History and Government
    • Political Science
    • Constitution
    • Human rights
    • Economics
    • Taxation
  • Facilitating Learning, Child and Adolescent Development
    • Human Growth and Development
    • The Biological and Psychological Bases of Education
    • Sociological Bases of Education
    • Anthropological Bases of Education
  • Teaching Profession
    • Education
    • Educational Contributions of Ancient Civilizations
    • Educational Influences of Jesus Christ
    • The Different Medieval Movements in Education
    • Philosophical Movements in Education
    • Psychological Movements in Education
    • Legal Bases of Philippine Educational System
    • The Historical Development of Philippine Educational System
  • Curriculum Development
    • Schools of Thought in Curriculum Development
    • Dimensions in Curriculum
    • Guidelines for Curriculum Development
    • Approaches to Curriculum Design
    • Curriculum Patterns
    • The Curricula of Philippine Schools
    • 2002 Basic Education Curriculum
    • Understanding by Design (UbD) Curriculum
    • The K-12 Program
  • Principles of Teaching, Educational Technology Field Study, Practice Teaching
    • Types of Principles of Teaching
    • The Inborn Tendencies of the Child
    • Multiple Intelligence
    • Characteristics of the Filipino Learners
    • Learning
    • Theories of Learning
    • Laws of Learning
    • Factors that Affect Learning
    • The Learner
    • The Teacher and the Learning Process
    • Classroom Management
    • The Art of Questioning
    • Hierarchy of Questions
    • Lesson Planning
    • List of Behavioral Objectives
    • Teaching Methods/Strategies
    • Guidance and Counseling
    • Counseling
  • Educational Technology
    • Education
    • Technology
    • Educational Technology
    • Theories
    • Use of Audio Aids
    • Device
    • Nonprojected Audiovisual Aids
    • The Use of Technology in the Classroom
  • Assessment of Learning
    • Measurement and Evaluation
    • Classification of Tests
    • Criteria of a Good Examination
    • Stages in Test Construction
    • Statistical Measures or Tools used in Interpreting Numerical Data
  • Social Dimensions of Education
    • The Four Pillars of Learning
    • Ethics
    • Values
    • Defective Norms of Morality
    • Modern Philosophies of Education
  • Practice Examinations
    • English
    • Filipino
    • Mathematics
    • Natural Science
    • Social Science
    • Facilitating Learning, Child and Adolescent Development, Teaching Profession and Curriculum Development
    • Principles and Methods of Teaching, Field Study, Educational Technology and Practice
    • Assessment of Learning
    • Social Dimensions in Education

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